Who We Are

The Vidya Niketan Education Trust in association with the Narayan Bhargava Group under its CSR initiative, has established the Dr. Kalpana Chawla Space Academy (KCSA). The alliance aims to develop world-class scientists through a space science-centred curriculum and to create a long-term career path for students through strategic partnerships.

Nation Building & Us

For the development of the space sector, India currently possesses a rare confluence of STEM talent, cost-competitive technology development, and space missions supported by a supportive regulatory environment. The Kalpana Chawla Space Academy (KCSA) aims to develop top-notch space scientists as part of its nation building mission, ignite children’s interest in space exploration and cultivate the scientific temper required to serve the Indian space industry.

Program Design

The pedagogy chosen places little emphasis on classroom instruction and more emphasis on activity-based experiential learning that is centred around experiential learning focused on practical training, fieldwork, and projects for the application of concepts learnt while refining their skills through internships, seminars, quizzes, role plays, and more. We would cover a variety of topics, including fundamental scientific and mathematical concepts, astronomy, rocketry, robotics, STEM, environmental science, and biodiversity in addition to the Sanskrit language.

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