The rigorous and broad-spectrum curriculum at Kalpana Chawla Space Academy focuses on the all-round growth of the child. 

Each year of the course consists of certain staple modules that give the student an insight into space science, social development, skill-building, physical development, and creative enrichment.

Activity-Based Mathematics & Science

Delivering experential learning to students with 200+ experiments which improve learning outcomes.


Sanskrit is the mother of all languages. Its grammar is most evolved. Sanskrit texts have ample knowledge of various topics, like health and medicine, astrology, mathematics, political science and much more.

Physical & Spiritual Development

  • Exercise methods would be designed to make students mentally and physically fit for entering the Air Force or training to be astronauts. 
  • Exercise routines will be created in order to maintain fitness levels, enhance mental and physical toughness, and gradually raise the level of difficulty. 
  • Yoga is included as a way to promote both physical and mental well-being.
  • The cultivation of spiritual growth will infuse principles of morality, goodness, and concern for the welfare of humanity.


  • Aeronautical science
  • Airplane engines
  • Model making
  • Study of life-size Satellite and Rocket models


  • Missile/Rocket science
  • Model making
  • Rocket engines


  • Experiential and easy observation of bodies
  • Independent observation of ISS, movements of celestial bodies

STEM Education

STEM Education with dynamic modules, which teach students about linking experiments of scientific laws and mathematical concepts to practical applications in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math through STEM kits.

  • Basic electronic and electrical engineering
  • Robotics
  • Electronics and sensors
  • Space technology
  • STEM Kits
  • Models on 3D printer
  • Coding
  • Graph plotting

Enrolment Process

Students shall apply for the course through an online application. The Pan-India entrance test would be used to shortlist candidates from the applicant pool. The selection process and the number of seats will be announced soon.

Fee Structure

The total annual fee is Rs.2.64 Lacs. The annual fee is inclusive of ABBHS school fee, KCSA program fee including Hostel accommodation and food. Parents have an option to opt-out of the Hostel and Food Facility. Parents have an option to opt-out of the Hostel and Food Facility. In such cases the fees shall be Rs 1.40 Lacs. The fees can be paid quarterly, half yearly or yearly (at the beginning of the academic year).


We do offer scholarships. The Scholarship offered is up to 90% and 50% of the total annual fee. Eligibility of scholarship will be decided on case-to-case basis.

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