The Genesis

Inspired by Dr Kalpana Chawla and Dr APJ Abdul Kalaam, the troika of Dr Pujary, Shri Madhav Bhonde and Shri Narayan Bhargava embarked on the journey of promulgating scientific education across India. They made a tryst with destiny to form an alliance for laying the foundation of Kalpana Chawla Space Academy (KCSA) under the Vidya Niketan Education Trust, Lonavala, Maharashtra. The scientific curriculum development expertise is being provided by Dr Pujary, school infrastructure by Shri Bhonde under the Vidya Niketan Education Trust and the KCSA infrastructure has been developed through the Narayan Bhargava Foundation.

The KCSA project is now administered under the Vidya Niketan Education Trust from the premises of Advocate Bapusaheb Bhonde School, Lonavala. A team of eminent advisors, including ISRO scientists and educationists, support the program’s mission of nurturing world-class scientists for India’s space sector and embarking on the journey of Nation-building.

The Vidya Niketan Education Trust now administers Kalpana Chawla Space Academy and Adv. Bapusaheb Bhonde High School.


Nurture children to become world-class space scientists for India.


To undertake a nation building mission by creating quality and proficient scientists in the domain of space, science, technology and application. Young minds will be trained to achieve holistic development, critical thinking and problem-solving ability. The idea is to catch young minds at an early stage and train them from foundation to advanced level. 


Kalpana Chawla Space Academy is an ecosystem designed to explore and deepen new skills, explore passions, immerse in creativity, discover new pathways and empower individuals to become world-class Space Scientists and Professionals. Our academy encourages exploration, creativity and innovation to co-develop sustainable solutions for a better future. We ignite children’s excitement for space, science, and technology with inspiring learning spaces, fostering their passion and belief in our mission.

We value teamwork, respect, and every experiment and experience. Through unique connections, collaborations, and personal growth, we create unforgettable experiences, build on strengths and discover new pathways. The academy will be a visitor attraction and promote a lifestyle that connects with nature, ensuring physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being. It would be an enabler for children in becoming energetic, creative, loving, and happy citizens, spreading peace and contributing to society’s welfare.

Our Core Values





Sustainable Development


Continuous Learning

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A Narayan Bhargava Foundation Initiative

Mr. Bhargava’s belief that India’s space and science efforts would propel the nation forward through its current phase of Amrit Kaal to transition into a  developed nation is a core contributor to KCSA’s ethos. Developing students to become world-class scientists is crucial for the cause.

Today, India has a unique confluence of STEM Talent, cost-competitive technology development and space missions backed by a conducive policy environment that needs to be leveraged for the growth of the space sector. Its anticipated growth through private-sector participation is going to require millions of highly-trained scientists, researchers, engineers, astronomers and space entrepreneurs. KCSA intends to contribute to the Nation-Building Mission by providing the next generation of world class space scientists for India’s space sector. 

Vidya Niketan Education Trust & Adv. Bapusaheb Bhonde High School, Lonavala

The Vidya Niketan Education Trust was established by the late Shri Adv. Bapusaheb Bhonde to serve middle-income residents of Lonavala city’s educational needs for high-quality, reasonably priced education. 

He established Saraswati Vidyamandir, a school with a foundation of philanthropy. After his untimely passing, his younger brother, Adv. Madhav S Bhonde, received control of the trust. Under his inspirational guidance, the Vidya Niketan Trust flourished into a reputable institution that has been providing decades of excellent education to the numerous generations of people of Lonavala.

The school received a new name, ‘Adv. Bapusaheb Bhonde School’, which reflects its founder’s principles, mission, and commitment to improving education for future generations.

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