Kalpana Chawla was an Indian-American astronaut who made history as the first woman of Indian origin in space. She tragically lost her life in the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster in 2003. Chawla’s legacy continues to inspire millions around the world, particularly in the fields of space exploration and STEM education.

The Kalpana Chawla Space Academy is an educational institution administered under the Vidya Niketan Education Trust dedicated to inspiring and educating students about space, science and technology. Named after the late astronaut Kalpana Chawla, the academy aims to develop students to become world-class scientists.

Our program would start from the academic year 2025-26. We plan to hold our entrance exam in the month of January each year. Interested students can register for the entrance exam through our academy’s official website. Post clearing the entrance test there would several other selection rounds before the final selected list of students is announced. The decision of the Trust on final selected student list will be considered final.

Top 50% of the selected students shall be provided 90% scholarship for the duration of the program.

The students who have passed sixth standard are eligible to apply for the KCSA program. Those students selected after clearing the selection process shall be admitted in the 7th standard in Adv. Bapusaheb Bhonde High School (State Board) along with the KCSA Program, a combined program.

The child should have passed 6th standard and cleared our selection process to participate in the KCSA program.

For the academic year 2025-26, the admissions are open only for citizens of India.

KCSA’s curriculum covers a wide range of topics related to space exploration and STEM education, including but not limited to rocketry, astronomy, remote sensing, robotics, space missions, space history, space entrepreneurship, STEM, Activity-based Science and Mathematics, Jeevan Vidya, Bio-diversity and Sanskrit.

Participants in KCSA programs can expect a wide range of activities, including hands-on experiments, interactive workshops, simulations, lectures from experts in the field, field trips to relevant facilities, learning with scaled-down models, STEM kits, sky gazing, internships, collaborative projects with peers and lots more.

Yes, KCSA will be arranging guest lectures, presentations, or visits from professionals working in the space industry, including astronauts, engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs. These interactions provide students with valuable insights into various career paths and opportunities in the field of space exploration.

We do not offer any online programs as on today. However, we do plan to create online programs in future.

KCSA prioritizes the safety and well-being of all participants in its programs. The academy adheres to safety guidelines and protocols established by relevant authorities and ensures that qualified staff members supervise all activities. Additionally, KCSA has policies in place to address medical emergencies and other contingencies.

Yes, the certification shall be provided by the Kalpana Chawla Space Academy.

The KCSA infrastructure has been developed in sprawling 12500 sq. ft. at the Adv. Bapusaheb Bhonde High School. We also have hostel and food infrastructure through our partner tie-up. Please visit kcsa.org.in for more details.

The ABBHS and KCSA are being administered under the same trust – Vidya Niketan Education Trust. ABBHS is a non-residential and non-aided school. The residential facility is being offered only for the KCSA students as of now.

The student shall be considered a drop-out if he/she chooses to discontinue the KCSA curriculum. In such cases any advance fee paid shall not be refunded. Any pending fee must be cleared before obtaining the transfer certificate.

In cases where a student opts for commerce/arts stream after 10th will be considered a drop-out. In such cases any advance fee paid shall not be refunded. Any pending fee must be cleared before obtaining the transfer certificate.

There are several ways to support the Kalpana Chawla Space Academy’s mission, including making donations, volunteering your time or expertise, promoting awareness about the academy’s programs, or participating in fundraising events. Those interested in supporting KCSA can write to us at contact@kcsa.org.in

To stay updated on upcoming programs and events at KCSA, individuals can follow us on social media channels, regularly visit its website or contact our administrative office for announcements and updates. Additionally, KCSA may distribute informational materials through schools, educational organizations, and community centres.

Yes, KCSA is open to collaborate with schools, educational institutions, museums, and other organizations to provide educational programs, workshops, and events. These partnerships can enhance access to KCSA’s resources and reach a broader audience of students and educators.

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